Ceramic clay flower holder

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Ceramic clay flower holder

Jul 2007
Ceramic clay ( 15in )

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  • its a lovely lovely work.makes me want to try it . From where do you get the ceramic powder and could you please tell me how do you make it? i shall be extremely thankful.

    • Hi Lily,
      The ceramic power i used here is a mix of actual ceramic power + plaster of paris. Ceramic powder is hard find in USA. But you can get it anywhere in Indian hardware stores.

      I made the structure with thick cardboard and plywood. Then, poured watery consistency of plaster paris over the walls. Then i made some flowers with ceramic powder, then sticked them. Then, i coated with white acrylic color + craft glue. Then, i applied metallic water color, and used a cloth to remove the color to give a shading. Then, a final coat of varnish sealed the sculpture.

      Good luck!

  • i think u r the ideal 4 act lover….nd i m very happy 2 see d lots of thing which i can do in home in my holidays….thanzzzz a lot…..vani g….

  • speachless! what a creation vani. shading gives a amazing experience. go ahead .

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