Ceramic cone painting

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Ceramic coned flower pots
Jul 2007
Ceramic cone painting on pot ( 15in )

Ceramic cone painting on wood board
Jul 2007
Ceramic cone painting on wood board ( 24in X 24in )

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  • Hi,lovely works!!Can u pls tell me the ingredients required to make the ceramic clay dough/paste…waiting for ur reply!!thanks!!

    • Thanks Geethu.

      I used ceramic powder (very fine white powder, you may be able to get them in hardware stores) mixed with glue ( the kind used to plaster walls).Then it’s made into henna type cones.

      • Thanks a lot for the timely help!!Cheers!!!

  • wow..these are just so beautiful…I will definitely try this out…

    • Thank you Aisha. Your work is also really beautiful. I still need to checkout your blog completely.

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