Peacock mural

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Peacock mural
Jul 2007
Ceramic clay work on wood board ( 20in X 60in )

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  • Nice work. How didi you do this? Can you tell me which material u used to make this?

    • Thanks Aisha.

      For this one, i used ceramic powder + plaster of paris., but you can use any air dry craft clay. First of all, i got the whole structure custom ordered on a plywood. Then used the clay to get the 3D effect. Once dried, i coated that with 50:50, white acrylic color and craft glue. When dired, i used oil paints to color it. Then, coated with a thin layer of varnish to finish it.

      Do share your final product’s pictures with me.


  • hi,
    So artistic it is !!
    A chemical is used to get glass like coating on ceramic clay murals. can u plz tell me the name of that chemical and also how to use it?

  • this is lovely!! i m going to try this. also will surely share photos with u. can u post some video tutorials for us pl ?

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